Tip Sheet for Remodeling

Tips for remodeling a public or commercial building
Grand County Administration Building remodel

Tip Sheet for Remodeling


A remodel of a public or commercial building does not happen often and many times the building owners are not fully aware of the steps needed, and possible complications that could occur. To help with this we have compiled a few suggestions that may help with your remodel.

  1. Build Your Team

We suggest that you build your team at the initial planning phase, well before you start the project. You need to have a good team in place which should include a highly qualified architecture and engineering firm that can help with all aspects of the project. Initial phases include:

  • Space planning assessment
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Final designs / Construction Drawings
  • Material Specifications / FF&E Selection
  • Contractor Selection
  • Contract Administration / Site Inspections

They should also be available to manage the entire project including assistance with contractor selection, material and finish selections, safety, security systems and assistance with specialty trades.

  1. Start with a Comprehensive Program for the Scale and Consistency

Once the A&E firm has been selected, get started on the programming for the project as well as the expected schedule and budget. This includes:

  • Develop a clear scope and responsibilities for the project.
  • Design a flow diagram that shows the stages of the project and how the lines of communication will flow to the stakeholders.
  • Establish the budget and schedule.
  • Setup weekly status meetings to keep everyone in the loop and well informed.
  1. Develop Your Approach

Make sure your expectations and project specifications are clearly defined well before the work begins.

  1. Communication

Communication is critical throughout the remodel process. It is imperative that you have regular meetings and reliable information that is conveyed in a timely manner to maintain the schedule and avoid negative impact to your facility.

  1. Site Visits and Inspections

You’re A&E team should provide regular site visits to verify construction quality and contract compliance. Projects stay on schedule and costs can be controlled with consistent site visits.

For more information and specific questions, please contact

F&D International
Teri Ficken, President