Owner Representation

The F&D team provides a full range of owner representation services to meet the needs of your project. With tight budgets and the need to coordinate the many professional disciplines needed for the success of a project, it makes sense to engage an Owner’s Rep as early as possible in your planning process.

Our role is to serve as a direct, unbiased representative and project advocate on behalf of our client during all phases of a project. We offer single-source accountability and responsibility on capital improvement programs, tailored for a single project or for multi-site programs. These services are customized for you to meet the specific needs of your staff and project.

We understand that every client and project is different so we custom tailor our services to deliver maximum value. Services include:

  • Develop project goals
  • Review options for project delivery
  • Assist with selection of team members
  • Develop detailed RFP packages
  • Oversight and coordination of design process
  • Prepare and maintain master schedule
  • Prepare and maintain master budget
  • Construction contract administration
  • Site inspections and reporting
  • Project closeout services
Owners Representation

“F&D brings an excellent mix of business acumen, managerial and project leadership skills essential to capital project development. It is rare to find a project management firm that you can trust to represent your interests at all times”. Bill Widener, CEO Middle Park Medical Center