Historic Preservation

historic preservation

Historic Preservation

Garfield County Facility Assessment and Facility Master Plan

The F&D team is wrapping up a year-long project for Garfield County providing facility assessments and facility master planning for over one million square feet of county-owned buildings scattered across the entire county.  The completion of this project will enable the Garfield County Commissioners and county departments to provide strategic planning related to resources, organizational programs, personnel, work environments, and facilities renovation for each building as well as plan capital improvements in the most efficient and logical manner over the next five to ten years and beyond.

Our team performed a complete inventory of all facilities, current condition assessments for each building as well as an in-depth analysis of resources, organizational programs, personnel, work environments and capital improvement budgets.

In response to rapid growth over the past 15 years, the county has added over 300,000 square feet to its facilities inventory. The county was in need of a comprehensive assessment and inventory of these buildings and parking facilities as well as updates to their facility master plan in order to formulate a clear vision for efficient future growth and use.

Historic Buildings

Garfield County has a number of historic buildings that are owned by the County. These historic structures required specialized inspections that took into consideration the age of the buildings, the historic significance, and the emotional connections that community members and County staff have for the buildings.  Our expertise with Historic Structure Assessments is helping the county identify strategies to rehabilitate and preserve these important structures for future generations to enjoy.

Garfield County Courthouse
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The courthouse consists of four-stories with a half basement for a total of about 83,350 sf. The original south part of the Glenwood Springs Courthouse was built in 1928 and was designed by Robert K. Fuller, a well-known architect in Colorado who designed many notable schools and public buildings around the state in the 1920s and 1930s. The F&D team provided the county with an in-depth facility assessment of the structure that will allow the county to phase renovation and maintenance updates so that the building will be comfortable and efficient for County staff and be able to effectively serve the community. The facility assessment included inspection of structure and systems, ADA accessibility, security and fire systems, cost estimating, and recommended solutions for repairs and issues.

Henry Building
Rifle, Colorado

The Henry building is a prominent building in downtown Rifle as it was constructed circa 1910. This 15,000 sf building was originally a saddle and tack manufacturing facility, later became a JC Penny’s, and is currently the County’s western location for the Garfield County Clerk and Recorder. F&D conducted a full facility assessment that included inspection of the historic structure, accessibility issues, all mechanical systems, and evaluation of the spatial qualities of the building for future use.


Mountain View Building
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The Mountain View building is 7,040 sf, two-story building built in 1935 as the Garfield County Hospital by Robert K. Fuller. Today, it is Garfield County’s eastern location for the Public Health department. F&D conducted a thorough facility assessment of the structure that included a structural analysis, a full building systems inspection, an analysis of energy efficiency issues and ADA compliance, and an evaluation of the current interior spatial qualities of the building. Recommended solutions were provided that discussed maintenance issues, building updates that would enhance energy efficiency, safety, and ADA compliance, and more efficient interior space layouts that would benefit the County staff and the community members that utilize the building.


Wolff House
Boulder, Colorado

The Wolff House is a stunning Georgian Revival house that was designed and built in 1883 for a local newspaper writer and horticulturist. It is a City of Boulder Historic Landmark and carries a rich history. F&D provided a facility assessment regarding some failing roof rafters, exterior weathering, and building systems issues. Our team was able to recommend solutions and provided the HOA with suggestions on how to structurally reinforce the roof support system and how to remedy the exterior and utility issues.