Growing Gardens

Pollinator Garden Project
Growing Gardens Pollinator Garden Project

Growing Gardens Pollinator Garden Project

The end of August brought an exciting opportunity for the F&D team. We were able to get out of the office and into the sunshine and community when we volunteered our time to help build a pollinator garden at Growing Gardens in Boulder.Growing Gardens Pollinator Garden Project

Growing Gardens is a non-profit organization that was established in 1998 with a mission to support and enrich the community through sustainable urban agriculture. With more than 500 individual garden plots in 12 locations across Boulder County, they have been making their vision a reality ever since. They offer classes for any level of green thumb in addition to beekeeping, after school garden clubs, summer camps and field trips.


The pollinator garden seemed a natural addition to the Children’s Peace Garden and the community garden plots as ¾ of the world’s plants depend on pollinators! Over the past few years, bees and butterflies have battled colony collapse disorder, pesticides, loss of habitat and climate change. A habitat of native plants specifically designed for their nourishment and safety is just what they need to make a comeback.

With the hardscape components finished and the solar sync irrigation system completed with help from Micah Gage of Eden Outdoors, all that is left is the installation of the plants in early September. Make sure to stop by and watch the progress!

Growing Gardens is located at 1630 Hawthorn Avenue in Boulder, Colorado.

Growing Gardens Pollinator Garden Project