Project Funding

We want to see your project succeed. This is why our funding department at F&D takes great pleasure in finding various funding sources for you and your community, which you may not have even known existed. Through economic data, income data and demographic research we are able to determine these possible funding sources for you. We believe in saving as much for your project as possible because we know what it is like to be from small communities where residents may be forced to take on a high cost of living to better their community if not given adequate funds to assist project development.

“When it comes to your project we leave no stone unturned”

Funding truly is an integral part of project development. It can ultimately be the determining factor between constituents pursuing a project to help keep their community safe and up to date, or having to put the project on the back burner. Without adequate funding sources community members may be forced to handle the full financial responsibility to pay for a project.

“Affordability for a particular project allows constituents and/or the residents of their community to
maintain a standard of living that is reasonable”

At F&D we understand how crucial it is to educate and inform community leaders and stakeholders on funding sources so they can make responsible decisions on how to best proceed with a project. Uncovering funding sources for our clients allows them to reach their goals without breaking the bank.

“F&D brings an excellent mix of business acumen, managerial and project leadership skills essential to capital project development. It is rare to find a project management firm that you can trust to represent your interests at all times”. – Bill Widener, CEO, Kremmling Memorial Hospital District